60th Celebration

OCTOBER 4-6, 2024 – Reno Stead Airport

With so much history and such a loyal fan base, a celebration is most certainly in order.

The year is 1964.
The man is Bill Stead.
The location is Reno, Nevada.

After 15 years absent from the world, Bill knows that people still have a taste for championship air racing, and he’s determined to bring it to them. While air racing had begun back in 1909 and gained popularity in different cities over the next few decades, it had come to an end in 1949 after the last National Air Races in Cleveland.

For Bill and many others, it was gone but not forgotten.

So in 1964, with plenty of grit and determination in tow, the first official National Championship Air Races made its debut at Sky Ranch airfield in Reno. Two years later in 1966, the Air Races moved close by to Reno Stead Airport, where they would thrive for the next 57 years.

As we reflect on that history, it’s undeniable that more memories have been packed into the last six decades than anyone could ever write. Each of the hundreds of thousands of spectators that have passed through our gates during that time has their very own story to tell, and each new one told is just as special as the last.

Today, the National Championship Air Races are in the process of beginning a new chapter in a new home, but absolutely nothing can – or ever will – remove the passion, excitement and friendship that took place in Reno over the last 60 years.

So on the weekend of October 4th-6th, we will host the Reno Air Show as a 60th Celebration, honoring the people and the place that made the last six decades possible. And if you’re reading this, that means you’re one of those being honored; because these 60 years could not have happened without our fans.

Join us in October. Let’s meet at Reno Stead and celebrate together.